New England Home Landscaping Ideas

A landscaping design can greatly affect the appearance, usability and overall value of your home. What landscaping options will work best for an everchanging New England climate? Here are some landscaping ideas to get you started:

Flower Planting

Flowers are a great landscaping option that will allow you to enjoy the blooms of summer without breaking the bank. An array or flowers will also attract pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds. If you have a shady area in your yard landscaped with shade plants and big trees, consider planting colorful hardy annuals such as marigolds, zinnias or petunias there instead. These flowers thrive on very little care and attention which means more time for outside fun!

Grass Lawns

Everyone loves beautiful grass lawns because they are easy to maintain and can make any property look attractive from afar. However, natural grass lawns need lots of time, attention and money to grow. Consider landscaping your property with beautiful landscaping grasses that will require little maintenance but still look great from afar. Having a sod lawn installed is a great option if you want an “instant lawn”. Sod is much easier to maintain and looks great from day one.

Grassy Patios and Walkways

If you plan on hosting lots of outdoor get-togethers on your property, consider landscaping the area around your patio or walkway with low maintenance landscaping turf like bluegrass, rye grass or fescue. This type of landscaping looks great even if it is left untouched for months at a time!

Seasonal Flower Beds

Plant brightly colored annuals in small beds near the entryway of your home for a stunning English cottage style landscape design.

Tree Planting

Large landscaping trees like maples and oaks can soak up huge amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, turn it into oxygen and then release it back to the atmosphere. In other words, large landscaping trees help clean our air! They also add dimension, greenery and shade to your property. Some popular tree choices include: oak, maple, Japanese maple, cherry, elm, white birch, paper birch, silver birch, hemlock and pine.

Landscaping for Wildlife

Many landscaping trees and shrubs are delicious to birds, butterflies and bees which means they will flock to your landscaped property every year! To attract these animals into your landscaped property, install landscaping birdhouses and landscaping creature homes that cater to their needs.  Deer can decimate a flowering tree in as little as a day eating all the flowers and buds before the sun comes up. If you have a lot of deer and rabbits in your area, you may want to consider deer resistant varieties to avoid this.


With hardscape designs like stone walkways, brick patios or gravel borders you can create modern landscaping ideas that will compliment any type of home or garden area. While landscaping with hard landscaping supplies may look very different from landscaping with natural landscaping materials like rocks and trees, they still provide you a great deal of flexibility in terms of design!

Landscaping for Water Conservation

If your landscaped property is large enough to support it, consider installing landscaping rain barrels that collect the water during the spring when rainfall is abundant. You can use this water to keep your landscaped plants healthy during the summer months. Once fall comes around, you can switch over to putting a few buckets out at night (under cover) and capture any frosty dew drops instead which will also provide your landscaped plants with much needed moisture until spring rolls along once again.

Grassy Walkways

If you plan on landscaping your property with flowering perennials, you may want to consider creating a walkway through the landscaped area using low maintenance landscaping grasses like bluegrass or fescue. This type of landscaping looks great during the winter months when most of your landscaped plants have died and can even double as an extra seating space when entertaining!

Summertime Landscaping

If landscaping with native landscaping plants, you can have a beautiful landscaped area without all the hard landscaping work! Over time, a wide range of New England landscaping shrubs and grasses will naturally colonize in your landscape. This means that instead of buying landscaping flowers or landscaping trees every spring, your landscaped area will flower on its own over time. You’ll only need to do some light pruning here and there if any New England landscaping plants become invasive!

Landscaping for the Birds

Adding a few bird houses to your landscaping is a great way to bring a few feathered friends into your outdoor space. Plus if you already have landscaping trees and other plants in your landscaped area, birdhouses will help attract even more birds!

Water Features

A water feature can be the landscaping piece that really makes your landscaped property come alive. Water features look great while adding your very own backyard sanctuary to enjoy and relax. Add some water plants and koi fish to really bring it all together. A professionally designed water feature is self-sustained and will cycle and filter the water to keep it healthy for your plants and fish while keeping the mosquitos away in the process.

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